Work is the new sex

…you wanna do it with someone who’s right for you

But you need to find a match first

For romance, there are smart dating sites. They ask funny questions, they study the answers, they match you to someone - and they can usually match pretty well.

Getting a job or filling a position shouldn’t be too different. Welcome to the dating scene for jobs.

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We are building a new kind of recruitment platform. is an anonymous online platform for directly and objectively matching the right people to the right jobs using personality profiling. If you need to hire good people, we’ll find you the best teammates. If you’re a candidate, we’ll find a you the best team lead.
We’re not asking for your name, your address or most things a CV would. We believe a CV is an oversimplified representation of the real person. You are safe from intrusive recruiters and stalking candidates.
We’re not asking for your age, gender or race. We believe one’s personality and skills are enough for effective and fruitful collaboration.
We encourage hiring managers to have skin in the game and participate in the hiring process firsthand, without outsourcing to HR or headhunters. The same goes for talents.
Every profile on the platform can be verified. Our assessors will chat with the user to make sure they’re the real deal and not a fraud.
Personality matching:
We believe the right mix of personalities can be more important than specific skills and experience.