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Your name and contacts are nobody's business. Only those you choose to allow to contact you will be able to contact you.


Gender, race, age etc. are nobody's business. Surprise them at the interview!


We make sure all users are real people.


Our approach is conducive to the direct involvement of interested parties, as opposed to leaving it all to the HR and the head- hunters.


Just like it says on the tin.

Well it all sounds great, but how does this matching actually work? recommender engine only shows you roles that make sense, meaning they fit your
location preferences , your job aspirations and most importantly, they
come from the people you’ll get along with
Ok that sounds great. So how do I tell you about myself?
We’ll guide you through this. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll ask you a few
questions so that we know:
1. The type of role that you are looking for
2. The ideal location
3. Your previous experience, skills and talents.
And then we’ll ask even more questions to understand your personality better. But this will be fun, promise!
Ok. What happens next?
You’ll see people that we think match you well. If there is an interest
from both sides, you’ll be able to connect and chat
That makes sense. Where do I start?
Right here
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