What is Jobberwocky and how it’s different

Jobberwocky is an online platform for directly and objectively matching the right people to the right jobs, using personality profiling. It's optimized for the people who're going to work together and not for recruiters, HR specialist or headhunters.

Here's how it works: all candidates and employers take a thorough survey that the system uses to create their professional and personal profiles. Jobberwocky's matchmaking AI brings the best matching profiles together. It's a lot like dating, really.

Rather than matching job requirements to salary expectations, like traditional recruitment practitioners do, Jobberwocky matches the candidate to the potential project manager or team lead.

To make it all work seamlessly, the system employs a personality profiling approach known as person-supervisor and person-job fit scoring. This score is heavily based on personality traits and fundamental values.

The system's design allows for candidate anonymity when desired, unlike most of the existing platforms where candidates are easy targets for recruiters and headhunters.

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