Terms and Conditions

Human-readable version

These are Terms of use for the Jobberwocky, the website you‘re currently using. Jobberwocky is a company registered in Prague, the Czech Republic. If you don‘t agree with these terms, please do not use this website.

1. Registration and test operation
1.1. Test operation
We‘re still in the early stages and figuring out all the quirks. Not all the functionality will work perfectly, so please use the website at your own risk.
1.2. Registration
You should register with an email you have access to and you should be 18 years old or older. Please choose a strong password to protect your account: it must have 8 characters in length and numbers.
1.4. Termination
You can cancel your registration at any time. The same goes to us — we can ban your account in case you do something dodgy. In such a case we might even delete your data. But that‘s not gonna happen, because you‘re cool and we‘re pretty okay, too.
2. Permitted and prohibited use

Please use this website for your own personal use. It‘s not a fully operational product yet (but it soon will be).

As said above, please be cool when using this website and try not to break too many things.

You probably won‘t need to download, modify and redistribute any parts of the website. If you really need to, please contact us and explain your reasons and we‘ll see what we can do. You should definitely not link to Jobberwocky or endorse us without consulting us beforehand.

3. Use of personal data
We‘re going to respect your local legislation when it comes to your personal data. You can read our privacy policy for more details.
4. Confidentiality
We won‘t share any parts of your data with any third parties without your explicit consent unless we are forced by legislation to do so. Our mission is to connect users on our platform, not to sell their data.
5. Intellectual Property
Please do not copy any parts of our content without talking to us first. We definitely can work out terms of collaboration between us if needed, without involving our team of extremely vicious lawyers.
6. Copyright Infringement
We assume your profile does not have any copyrighted info. If it does, we assume you have the rights for distributing it. If you feel your rights are being violated, please drop us a line and we‘ll fix it.
7. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability
Again, this gig is new, and we might have cracks and hiccups. Don‘t put information here that you can‘t afford to lose.
8. Indemnification
If you play by these simple rules, nothing bad will happen. (Not on this site, anyway.)
9. Breach of Terms
10. Severability
11. Applicable Law
We obey the Czech Republic laws and legislation. (The Czech Republic is a great place you should totally visit.)
12. Change of Terms
The most recent version of this document was created on the 21st of December, 2018. If this document is changed, we‘ll let you know immediately.
13. Effective date